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List Operations

List operations test. The following describes the behaviour of every program:

Test Goal

This quite contrived test attempts to execise different list operations, like append, pop, copy, reverse in place. There is no by index access, so languages with lists internally implemented as arrays should not perform better, but probably worse due to the presence of pop from left operations. Languages implementing many basic list operations as built-ins may have some significant advantage.

Input argument meaning

In this test the argument specify the list length (called SIZE in the test's description).


Language Milliseconds Weighted Characters
gcc 2.95.4 13 5896
Perl 5.8.0 264 1218
gcj 3.3.2 266 1713
Ruby 1.7.2 296 923
MzScheme 203 368 1450
Python 2.3.2 453 654
Tcl 8.4.5 994 1580

Last updated: Sun Jan 18 11:15:31 CET 2004


gcc 2.95.4
gcj 3.3.2
mzscheme 203
perl 5.8.0
php 4.2.3
python 2.3.2
ruby 1.7.2
tcl 8.4.5