Ackermann Function
Fibonacci Sequence
Heapsort Function
Hello World
List Operations
Random Number Generator

Tool Command Language


Tool Command Language. An interpreted computer language designed for rapid prototyping and maximum flexibility, Tcl was developed in the late 1980s by John Ousterhout, a professor at UC Berkeley.

It can be roughly described as a cross-breed between LISP/Scheme, shells, and algol-like imperative languages. For the language semantic, only a single data type exists, the string. Like in Lisp, the list is the base data structure.

The language is generally slower than other scripting languages of today, but that's somewhat compensated by the fact that Tcl is very simple to bind with C code, so the idea is to write speed-critical code in C, and use Tcl as a glue.

Test Name Speed Rank
Ackermann Function 6/8
Fibonacci Sequence 7/8
Random Number Generator 6/8
Heapsort Function 6/8
Hello World 3/8
List Operations 7/7

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gcc 2.95.4
gcj 3.3.2
mzscheme 203
perl 5.8.0
php 4.2.3
python 2.3.2
ruby 1.7.2
tcl 8.4.5