Ackermann Function
Fibonacci Sequence
Heapsort Function
Hello World
List Operations
Random Number Generator

GCC - GNU Compiler Collection

URL: http://gcc.gnu.org/

GCC is the GNU C compiler. It can be seen as the performance reference for all the other languages.

All the tests are compiled with the -O2 option, without other general or processor-specific optimizations.

Test Name Speed Rank
Ackermann Function 1/8
Fibonacci Sequence 1/8
Random Number Generator 1/8
Heapsort Function 1/8
Hello World 1/8
List Operations 1/7

Last updated: Sun Jan 18 11:15:31 CET 2004


gcc 2.95.4
gcj 3.3.2
mzscheme 203
perl 5.8.0
php 4.2.3
python 2.3.2
ruby 1.7.2
tcl 8.4.5