Ackermann Function
Fibonacci Sequence
Heapsort Function
Hello World
List Operations
Random Number Generator

MzScheme - an R5RS-Compliant Scheme implementation


MzScheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming language for Windows (95 and up), MacOS, and Unix. The name is pronounced miz scheme, as in Ms. Scheme.

MzScheme is R5RS-compliant, including the full numerical tower. It also provides threads (on all platforms), exceptions, modules, class-based objects, regular-expression matching, TCP/IP, and more.

By default, MzScheme compiles Scheme to interpreted byte code. The mzc compiler produces native code via C. See also Dynamic Libraries.

MzScheme's foreign function interface supports dynamically-loaded extensions that are implemented in C/C++. MzScheme can also be embedded as an extension language within a C/C++ application. Interoperability with C/C++ is facilitated by the use of a conservative garbage collector.

Note: All the tests for this language uses the interpreted byte code.

Test Name Speed Rank
Ackermann Function 3/8
Fibonacci Sequence 3/8
Random Number Generator 3/8
Heapsort Function 4/8
Hello World 7/8
List Operations 5/7

Last updated: Sun Jan 18 11:15:31 CET 2004


gcc 2.95.4
gcj 3.3.2
mzscheme 203
perl 5.8.0
php 4.2.3
python 2.3.2
ruby 1.7.2
tcl 8.4.5